Little Angel Fly!

Enjoying the journey along with our little angel.

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Three Poodles

My husband bought this self assembly toy, after we got home Mat immediately build three poodles out of it. 🙂
poodle dogs


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Our writing exercise

I knew how much you hated writing exercise that is why I’m so happy and proud that today you’re able to write the letters a bit clearly without frustrations.  It’s not neat and perfect,  a good start though for a 4-year-old struggling to write.  I’m glad that you got motivated after changing my approach. Worksheets I downloaded online and  bought in store didn’t work with you.  As soon as I doodled your requested animals then your participation took place.

Scissor cutting activity follows after  as he wanted to cut those animals I’ve doodled.

I do believe that struggling learners can be taught if we will not give-up in finding the solution to their unique learning style. Surely these type of kids would hate mainstream schools as most of the activities were meant for typical learners. Able learners but had given the wrong approach would think that they can’t but the truth is they REALLY CAN!

Illustration and Photography: © Darlene Sanguenza-Cano
writing exercise with doodle illustration