Little Angel Fly!

Enjoying the journey along with our little angel.


Mat’s Bicycle Coach

Mat loves to read if he find the subject interesting, he would then translate the words into three dimensional shapes.IMG_7261Here’s his version using his self assembly toys.bicycle coach collage©


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Three Poodles

My husband bought this self assembly toy, after we got home Mat immediately build three poodles out of it. 🙂
poodle dogs

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Dog Art Craft by James Matteo Cano

Our creative homeschooled little boy amazed me today. He turned his Lola’s cellphone box into a dog. It was his idea, at first because he only had limited resources, he used a scotch tape for the ears and tail so I handed him a paper. So happy despite him being so intense today with our first two lessons, he still made me so happy. His creativity outpours during his free play after completing the tasks. Praise God for this little thing!



Photo by: Darlene S. Cano