Little Angel Fly!

Enjoying the journey along with our little angel.


Homeschooling with his Bestest Buddy

As part of his diary project, aside from expressing it in words I also encourage him to doodle or express it through any art forms.  Here’s his doodle, he didn’t copied the picture below, merely a self expression coming from his mind. I love how he translate it into a cartoon doodle as  I compared it to the picture I took.



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Exploring Microsoft Paint

He often sees me working illustrations and graphic design work in my laptop. Without any help and instructions I found my 4-year-old boy exploring the microsoft paint. He started it with abstract design, see below and later it went to a more clearer doodle. He did it by just exploring the tools by himself.

microsoft paint kid artwork microsoft paint kid artwork microsoft paint kid artwork microsoft paint kid artwork

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Every Child is Unique and Will Develop at Their Own Pace

Yesterday Mat was messing our floor, I thought of stopping him but when I saw that he was doodling a dog with a leash it really made me happy. I let him continue his work of art to his preferred canvas which is the floor and cleaned it afterwards. It reminds me when I was at his age I made some doodles on our wall and I realize that was the birth of myself being an artistic individual. He’s 4-year-old, though some kids developed fine motor skills ahead, I still celebrate his milestone as I believe every child is unique and will develop at their own pace.

dog doodledog doodle

Like what happened to his reading skill, he started to read before he turned four. Here’s his video when Mat was 3.11 year old. Using my own illustrations, it made him eager to learn and so I customized most of his lessons. I also downloaded free worksheets at  seen on the middle part, another customized work again at the last part the “Doe a deer… It’s also good for us parents to observe their learning style, as for him he’s a visual and kinesthetic learner.

He was a late talker, he undergone speech therapy but now his speech development went well and keeps on improving, he’s now talkative, very much thankful to his teachers. Here’s his video reciting “All Things Bright & Beautiful Poem”.

I’m so thankful to God that even though his development didn’t follow the standard developmental milestone, he manifested us that he is the creator of the universe, the giver of life and the greatest artist that no neurodevelopmental doctors can predict. As a parent it’s our duty to discover God’s given talent and to nurture it with love and support.