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How to Teach Your 3 to 4 years-old to Read

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Here’s my 4-year old little boy reading, “I’m a little Penguin”. I never thought that Mat will have the ability to read early since his speech developed late and he had a short attention span. But it made me realize that if some kids can do it, then why not with Mat, he started reading before he turned four.

What I’ve did first was to observed him how he learned things. I googled different types of learnings, then I found out that he’s a visual and kinesthetic learner, he really loves looking at books, flashcards and posters with pictures. I’ve come to think, why not customizing his lessons since I have many stock illustrations I’ve already done.  Here’s what I’ve did to the Poem , “I’m a little Penguin”, I illustrated a cute penguin to attract his attention.

I'm a Little Penguin Poem

I also labeled my artworks  with words for his word recognition purposes and sight words for reading. It not just help his reading but also included his comprehension skill. I introduce it to him while he’s playing since he doesn’t like a formal set up like in school.  It all went well,  Mat’s  interest sparks and he was able to engaged to it. Our house is a 45 minutes drive from the city where our photo studio/office and his school located, I grabbed that opportunity while he’s  sitting still inside our mini van, I put him to my lap then  I did the reading tutorial.  As he entered Nursery  their  lessons was on phonics and so I integrated phonics reading as well. His first month working with phonics to his teacher was not that really good, he didn’t follow his teacher as his teacher sounded it but  even though he’s not reciting it,  I knew he recorded it to his mind and later as months  went  by, he improved.  It seems that I’m using a blended approach like the phonics reading he learned in school,  the flascards I’ve made,  educational videos and some free downloadable worksheets I found online.  and greatly help his  introductory reading skills.  He loves it because of the entertaining stories, it also engaged in musical and educational games.  Here are some  other useful online programs for reading, and  As Mat’s reading skill leveled up I’m now using this program  It’s so cute that now he loves to composed his own songs. Here’s his latest composition, though it didn’t have a a proper ending it’s a good start though for a 4-year old kid. He did this while we were riding on our mini van, I’m glad that he got inspired to everyday things. 🙂


I am a rocket
I am a rocket
Blast up zoom

I am a car
I am a car
Beep, beep, beep

I am a motorcycle
I am a motorcycle
Broom, broom, broom

I am a bike
I am a bike
Ting, ting, ting


Author: Darlene Sanguenza-Cano

I'm DarleneSanguenza-Cano a full time Mom and a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator by profession based in Bohol Island,Philippines.

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